Saturday Mornings – FALL Investigations PBL

Saturday mornings are filled with coffee, sleep, and for me the realization that I have so much to do to prepare for the following week. As a new teacher, I am always working on my laptop or at school. I woke up this morning, brought my puppies outside, put on a cup of coffee, and opened my laptop. Like many of you I’m sure, I procrastinate all the time. I began wracking my brain, what will I need for next week to make sure this festival is a success? How can I make this something the kids will remember forever? How can I impact the lives of not only my students, but the community?

Well, as I sat on my couch writing to you, the answers kept swirling around my brain. On Monday, I will have my kids create their own invitations, inviting a family member to come and learn what Fall means to them. But what else can we do, I asked my kids this yesterday. They were so excited, they wanted to decorate the pumpkins and bowling pins. I can’t wait to begin. So this morning, I am running to the store to buy some bowling pins, well not real ones! We are going to make them out of 2 liter bottles and stuff the insides with Fall items! I can’t take credit for this idea. The 2 liter bottles idea was my colleague, Hope. She is amazing! Always so supportive and helpful, I would be lost without her. I hope every new teacher has someone who will collaborate and help them as much as she does. But, stuffing the bottles with fall items was the kids idea! So, on Monday morning when it is nice and cool, we will be taking a Fall walk outside the school in search of Fall items we can stuff in our pins!

Last time we went on a Fall walk was at the beginning of the unit, this was before the kids actually understood what Fall really was! Now that the unit is almost done, it will be exciting to see how things have changed! I think I will create a slideshow showing their progress and how much they have grown!

In my next post, I will show you pictures of what the kids found that reminded them of Fall and what we will stuff in our pins! So stay tuned!

If you are wanting to do your own project based learning, I would love to help and give you ideas! My Louisiana Fall PBL is available in my store at: FALL PBL

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My Fall bulletin Board. All about the number five! 5 fingers and 5 pumpkins.


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