Sundays with the Pups

Every Sunday, we spend the day with the pups and take them to the dog park! They are growing up so much. I am definitely a fan of this breed, always so much fun and entertaining. Stark is now 8 months and 90 lbs and Stella is 4 months and 45 lbs. While they are a big breed, they are such gentle giants. They just love the little kids and are so sweet to everyone they meet!

This week I am teaching my little ones about winter animals! I am hoping that we can bring Stark to school on Thursday so the little ones can feel a winter coat! What a great way for the students to experience a winter animal! They can play with them and pet them and everything! So on Friday, I sent out a letter making sure no one is afraid! Fingers crossed!

This is Stella at 4 months!

This is Stark at 8 months!

They are Alaskan Malamutes!!

Wishing you a happy Sunday!
– A Happy Teacher

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