New Ideas for the Growing Teacher

As a new year comes around, I was questioning

What new adventures did I want to achieve as a new teacher?

What can I do to challenge myself?

What can I provide to others to help and encourage them to pursue their dreams?

Sitting on my back porch watching my pups run around and play, an idea struck me. I love to draw and create new things, but how could I use that to better myself and encourage others. I began to think back to high school, I was constantly doodling. I always loved to draw, but I wasn’t “professional” like others, I just liked to make silly clipart. In mid thought, thats what stuck out to me, CLIPART! I could create clipart and provide them to other teachers, professionals, and the world. Will mine be the best out there? No, probably not, but it’s something I could do and have a passion for and who better to share my work with than other teachers! Well, let me tell you the first thing I did. I went online and researched all about what will I do to create clipart?

How can I make my work digital?

Well, to my surprise, this topic really wasn’t covered well. I discovered drawing tablets online through my friend, Tara. She explained that she used the Wacom tablet to draw silly chibi’s for her friends. I didn’t really understand all the lingo, but I was intrigued. I began searching online for reviews of drawing tablets. Through my research, the Wacom tablet kept popping up. I researched even further to find the best product for digital art was the Wacom Cintiq touch tablet. I clicked on the site to see the price….. YIKES. Well, how can i afford that. I’m just a first year teacher who is unmarried and just starting out in the world. Well, I started focusing back on TpT products and November and December came and went. I continually looked back to my dream of making clipart, but couldn’t bring myself to spend so much on a tablet. As time went by, my family became very supportive of my goals to better myself and my side job as they would call it. On Christmas day, my family surprised me with a Wacom Cintiq 13HD Touch Tablet! They told me they had all the faith in the world in me. HOW EXCITING! I could finally start sketching clipart! Being in a world so tech savvy, I was excited to start introducing my work to it. After the Christmas Day festivities with my family, the next day I opened the tablet and set it up! Well to my surprise, you can’t just open a tablet and begin drawing, you need Adobe Photoshop.

Heres my next challenge, How do I use Adobe Photoshop?

Let me tell you, photoshop isn’t easy to start using. I opened the program and looked at the screen with a complete blank face. I called in my boyfriend and asked, “Uhhh, do you know how to use this?” He laughed and said, “Time to start YouTubing!” I rolled my eyes and got to work. Let me just take this time to thank every single Adobe photoshop “how to” video because without them I would still be at square one today. Well, needless to say Youtubing took out the majority of the next few days. But here I am now, I have created a few products for winter and New Years!

Which I will share my New Years one for free! Just go to my store and you can find it there or click the link below!

New Years Eve Clipart


-A Happy Teacher