Fall Festival

The last couple days in our classroom have been filled with excitement; not only are we only 2 days away from a week off, but we are about to have our Fall festival! Today, my little ones stuffed our bowling pins with fall items from their  Fall Huntskmtd

After we stuff all our bowling pins with leaves, acorns, and pecans we were ready for more Fall festival fun! Each student created their own invitation to give to their parents. The invitations read

Fall Festival

November 17



Being my first year in PreK, I am so impressed with how well my little ones can write and draw! The fun for the day didn’t stop here! We had a pumpkin decoration contest as well! Each child was given the option to participate, only four kids did, but they were all so cute!


After all this, we continued the day during rhyme time. This weeks nursery rhyme was “I’m Glad I’m Not a Turkey.”

“I’m glad I’m not a turkey, a turkey, a turkey.

I’m glad I’m not a turkey on Thanksgiving Day.

They stuff you and bake you and then they will taste you.

I’m glad I’m not a turkey on Thanksgiving Day.”

They absolutely love this rhyme! To go along with the rhyme, we had the students practicing rhyming words all week. We started the week with “Erase a Rhyme.” We drew turkeys on dry erase boards, and as we said a rhyming word for the turkey parts, the students erased the piece of the turkey that rhymed. (Ex: Our turkey loves some pumpkin pie, so you can go ahead and erase his _____!) To continue with the same theme, the next day I created a color a rhyme turkey. (Which can be found for FREE at my store!)  or you can download below:

Color a Turkey Download

Now, it was time for Fall festival! My kids were so excited! The morning of the Fall festival, the students couldn’t wait to show their parents all that they had learned! Surprise! They got to meet the animals in our community! For some of my little ones, this was the first time near real farm animals!


After petting the animals, we played the games that each class made. There was pumpkin bowling, pumpkin roll race, football, cheerleaders, sac races, corn letter finding, bean bag tosses, apple tosses, pumpkin patch, pumpkin measuring, pumpkin decorating, sugar cane limbo, catch the leaves in the parachute, leaf rubbings, face painting, and more! We had a blast with all the things the classes made! Here are some of the pictures below! The Fall festival was a hit in our Fall clothes, Fall activities, and Fall weather!


Leaf rubbings!


Bean Bag Toss!

This Fall festival could not of been possible without the support of our PRE-K team, our administration, and the parents! So thank you to all who came and supported our little ones.

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A Happy Teacher

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