Monday – 3 days before Fall Festival

Today was like any other morning. I woke up, put on a cup of coffee, and went to school. As I entered the classroom, I was excited to see what would be the result of the past month of learning about Fall. The children came in with smiles on their faces. As I pulled up the flipchart, we went over our calendar and the weather. In front of their eyes was a picture of the first Thanksgiving. I asked the students,

what do you see in this picture? What do you notice? 

The answers I got were absolutely perfect! The students noticed men with feathers in their hats.

Who do you think those people are?

I heard the answer right away! INDIANS! I told them you are right! They told me they knew because they have seen indians before!

What else do you notice?

They told me they saw a table, food, and people with funny hats on. I was smiling ear to ear. They were identifying the items from our first Thanksgiving! This lead into the discussion. Well,

What do you think they are doing?

They said, “EATING and SHARING!” Then I told them this is a picture of the very first Thanksgiving. This is where Thanksgiving came from! The students were excited to learn more. So, we watched a story on Thanksgiving. At the end of the morning message, I let the students know if they were really good in centers maybe we could go for a Fall walk and find Fall items we could place in our bowling pins for the Fall festival!

During centers, I took a few students out at a time and we went on a Fall Hunt! We went in search of things that represented Fall to put into our bowling pins and this is what we found! Below are pictures of our hunt!

sixpn Walking to explore what we can find!

sixvkFinding Leaves!

sixxfBig Leaves that fell from the tree!

sixavMs. Christina this is Fall plants we planted! Can we place them? Let’s let them grow a bit more! 😉

sixgsWe found nuts that Louisiana black bears can eat!


This was truly an exciting Fall Day!

If you would like to see our Fall PBL flipcharts they are available at my Store at: Fall PBL which is on sale until Nov 17, 2016.

Come back to find out what we do tomorrow!

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A Happy Teacher

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